TTouch Associates

The TTouch UK Associate programme is designed for those who are already trained in a specialist field and would like to incorporate Tellington TTouch techniques into their work but do not want to become fully qualified TTouch Practitioners.

This new programme is open to anyone already working professionally with animals including physiotherapists, hydro therapists, veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons, dog trainers, behaviourists, riding instructors, animal massage and soft tissue therapists, groomers, animal shelter/welfare staff and so on. TTouch Associates can advertise the use of TTouch techniques as a TTouch Associate in their line of work but cannot teach TTouch, offer specific TTouch sessions, or be listed as a fully qualified TTouch Practitioner.

Only those who complete the full TTouch Practitioner Training Programme can teach TTouch workshops, offer one to one TTouch sessions and join the Guild as a fully qualified TTouch Practitioner. If you would like more information on the TTouch UK Associates Programme please contact the office.