Steps to Qualifying as a Practitioner

If you decide to progress through the training programme to become a qualified Practitioner you need to attend four, six day training clinics to achieve the level of Practitioner in Training for Companion Animals or as a Practitioner for Equines.  Your skills are assessed through the six day trainings and you need to submit ten written case histories showing your understanding of the work.  Five are to be completed between clinic two and three, and the remaining five between clinic three and four.  Once you have achieved the requirements for Practitioner in Training for Companion Animals or Practitioner for horses you will receive a certificate and be eligible to use the TTouch name and logo to advertise your services.  You can work with clients on a one to one basis and charge for your work.  You cannot charge for the work nor use the TTouch name or logo until you have achieved PiT/Practitioner status.

To achieve Practitioner Level 1 as either a Companion Animal or Equine Practitioner you need to attend a further two, six day clinics and submit a further five written case histories between your fourth and fifth clinic.  Once achieving Practitioner Level 1 you will receive a second certificate and can teach one day workshops as well as working with private clients on a one to one basis.  You can also give talks for clubs and other organisations.

If you choose to work towards Practitioner Level 2 status you must join the Guild and assist on two of our Practitioner Training Clinics free of charge. You must also submit feedback forms from ten one day workshops that you have taught on your own. You may then teach two day workshops and give demonstrations of the work as well as teaching one day workshops and working with private clients.