Joining the Guild

And Maintaining your Qualification

Once you have received your Practitioner in Training/Practitioner certificate you can join the Guild if you wish to do so.  Members of the Guild are listed on this website and advertise the services that they offer.  Their details are also given out if someone contacts the office looking for help. Workshops are also advertised for those who have achieved Practitioner Level 1 and above.

To maintain your Practitioner qualification you must update your skills every two years.  Members of the Guild can do this by assisting on the Practitioner Training Clinics free of charge. Non Guild Members may need to pay to attend further training clinics.

It is not compulsory to join the Guild until you reach Practitioner Level 2 status but members are given priority when applying to assist on the training clinics.  Guild Members also benefit from receiving the TTouch newsletter sent from the Canadian office free of charge and have priority when booking on to our additional events such as the annual Practitioner Weekend or Advanced Training Clinics.