Evening or afternoon talks on TTouch are an excellent starting point for people wishing to learn a little more about the work.  Some Practitioners use Power Points and others may include a demonstration with a dog or horse as well depending on the venue.  The talks will vary depending on the needs and interests of the groups but all talks give the audience the opportunity to ask questions about the work.

Talks on TTouch have been given for a variety of groups and organisations including breed clubs, riding clubs, AGM’s, veterinary nurses, the BVNA congress, Discover Dogs, the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference, the Equine Health and Welfare Conference, McTimoney and Physiotherapy associations, re-homing centres and animal welfare groups and organisations. Talks are not limited to those involved with animals.  They have also included social groups who have expressed an interest in animal related topics.

If you would like to arrange a talk please contact your nearest Practitioner or email the UK office.